How To Stand Out at Events with Custom Branded Tents

How To Stand Out at Events with Custom Branded Tents

Product samples, leaflets, digital ads, A-frame signs, banners, flags, printed ads – they are all very efficient marketing tools that you can use to attract customers, but when it comes to having a marked presence at an outdoor event, nothing beats branded tents. If you have been considering getting such a custom tent for your business, here are some things to know about branded tents and about how to make the most of your tent.

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What Are Custom Branded Tents

Custom branded tents are today seen at almost any outdoor event from industry expos to trade fairs and to community festivals. They are units composed of some type of fabric that is stretched on poles, that are fixed onto the soil with pins or other fasteners. The fabric used can be plain white, but most companies prefer branded fabrics, that is, material printed with special technologies to display the company’s logo or other information.

There are many reasons why custom tents are so popular. The tents are usually affordable, yet very durable and they also come with great portability features to make it easy to transport your tent as well as to set it up.

How To Make The Most Of Your Custom Branded Tent

Getting the design of your tent right is not a very complicated task – all you need is to create a tasteful design that uses vivid colors to attract attention. You can get down to create that design on your own or you can turn to professionals, the latter solution usually giving you the benefit of professionally executed prints as well. While working on your design, whether with the help of a design specialist or on your own, consider the aspects related to the challenges that your tent will have to face, such as the weather conditions the tent will be exposed to, the number of people that you want to welcome in your unit and the additional equipment that you want to use in your tent, such as furnishing items.

When you have your tent and you have also picked the event that you want to take it to, try to book a place that is in a central location – that way you will be able to make the most of the traffic passing by your tent and you can also have your tent double as a meeting point for the visitors of the event.

Custom tents are considered to be efficient marketing tools as they are, but if you want to take the efficiency of your tent one step further, make sure that the temperature inside your tent is comfy and that the furnishing items you use inside are as comfortable and as attractive as can be. Invite passers-by to take a few minutes in your tent, you can serve them some refreshments (make sure your snacks and beverages are all healthy and free from allergens) and you can hand them product samples or leaflets to present your products or services while allowing your potential customers to enjoy the comfort of your tent.


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