Vegetarian Ideas for Cooking Mushrooms

Vegetarian Ideas for Cooking Mushrooms

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You might be interested in buying a few button mushrooms, or you might think of getting mushroom spores and growing your own mushrooms to aim for that perfect flavor. Regardless of your choices, the following vegetarian dishes should taste pretty amazing from the very first time you prepare them.

Basic Rice and Mushrooms with Selected Veggies

If you live in areas where rice is plentiful and affordable, you’ll find that cooking rice and mushrooms together can really pay off. Rather than using bread or just having mushrooms with vegetables, you can add white or brown rice to the mix to get an added energy boost and benefit from a complete meal.

The additional carbohydrates from the rice can help satisfy your hunger after a long day at work or help you work out more efficiently. At the same time, if you grill, bake or cook the mushrooms in the microwave, you’ll find that they will actually retain a lot more of the proteins and vitamins that they possess. So, ultimately the “completeness” of the meal will carry a lot more weight in terms of giving your body the valuable nutrients that it needs.

The best thing about it is you can mix it up and add a combination of spicy vegetables that will improve on the taste, as well as on the nutritional content of the meal. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, it makes sense to steam the veggies separately and then add them to the meal along with the mushrooms, rice and possibly a homemade vegetarian sauce to add to the flavor. You can also get creative on the amount associated with each ingredient, so you can adjust the flavor and taste for each separate meal.

Mixing Mushrooms with Spicy Spaghetti

Instead of rice, you can use pasta or spaghetti as a carbohydrate base. Now, depending on the types of mushrooms you use, the flavor will differ greatly in this case, but you can always adjust it using spices and sauces that you prefer.

The best chefs out there recommend this dish if you want a low-fat meal that is vegetarian and overall healthy and balanced. You can use tomatoes and onions, as well as red chilly, garlic and parsley leaves for adding that extra touch of spicy goodness. Additionally it makes sense to try your hand at a slow cooker and leave ingredients (together with the mushrooms) to cook at a low fire for about 6-7 hours. You can then prepare the pasta, add the parsley and mix everything together in the hot pot.

It will be absolutely delicious!

Mushroom and Potato Curry

If you want something that’s more of a challenge and you like curries, then a mushroom and potato curry will be one of the most ingeniously flavored dishes you can think of trying. The dish itself isn’t overly complicated and doesn’t require too many ingredients. You can use a single, large potato and also add aubergine and some vegetable stock – at least according to the standard recipe. About 250 grams of button mushrooms should do for a fairly balanced and well-sized meal.

The great thing about this dish is that, when you get good at it and hit that sweet spot regarding the ingredients and spices that you add, then it will go really fast. Preparation time shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes, and the entire cooking process will last for up to 30 minutes as a whole.

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