Electronic Pest Control Devices: Types And Advantages

Electronic Pest Control Devices: Types And Advantages

So, you’re faced with a pest infestation in your house or garden… What are your options?

There is a variety of chemical methods of extermination (pesticides), as well as traps for various insects and animals. However, all these rather traditional methods have negative sides: pesticides can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment, while, when it comes to traps, you will have to clean them periodically and deal with all kind of dead or badly injured organisms – or hire someone to do all these for you.

Fortunately, electronic pest control devices are now an affordable, clean, humane and efficient alternative. They are easy to handle and must be simply plugged into the wall socket. These devices emit different levels of ultrasonic waves that are not perceived by humans; some of them do not affect pets or other animals either, their level of intensity being designed for insects or rodents; others are universal, so you have to be careful when you buy these devices, in order to ensure their efficiency. The ultrasounds repel most of the pests, from insects to rodents and even some wild animals, if they are set to the frequency perceived by each of the pest types. Used permanently, these electronic devices should be able to keep pests away from your house or from the area that you want to protect.

Of course, some pest control issues need to be addressed by using more than one method and maybe more than one electronic device, depending on the severity of the problem.

What you need to know when you use electronic pest control devices

There are lots of pros and cons to these ultrasound devices, but the most important thing that you must know is that you need to be patient. This means that once you plugged them, you must give them a few days to properly do their job; you may notice the effects only after 2-3 weeks of continuous operation.

You may also want to consider using more devices at the same time, especially if you want to protect a bigger area. You should also experience multiple positioning of these devices, because if you place them in a wrong location, the ultrasounds may not reach properly the areas frequented by pests.

Semi-professional anti-insect devices

When it comes to insects, there is a bigger variety of the electronic repellents. They are not only based on ultrasounds, but also on UV light that attracts them and electric grids that burn them. All these devices are portable, with a modern design and can be used in homes, conference rooms, hospital rooms, restaurants, and in any other place where insects are not wanted.

There are also devices designed to be used outdoors, but they must be kept away from moisture.

The advantages of these pest control devices

First of all, electronic devices used for pest control are environmentally friendly, being non-toxic and virtually harmless to humans, other animals and nature. They do not affect the soil, the water or the air, as synthetic pesticides do.

These devices require no expertise and are easy to maintain. Those created by trusty manufacturers are certified, respect security standards and come with warranties.

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