How To Search And Find Colorado Head Shop Wholesale Suppliers

How To Search And Find Colorado Head Shop Wholesale Suppliers

If you plan on starting a service or retail business, you surely should think about how to find head shop Denver wholesale suppliers that you can develop a good professional relationship with. Considering that the number of wholesalers in the United Stated exceeds 300 000, you should prepare yourself to spend quite some time on researching and selecting.

What exactly are wholesalers?

Wholesale suppliers are regional distributors of products that come from manufacturers, exclusive distributors and importers. The wholesale prices are known to be lower because clients buy in large quantities. If a local small business’s sale volume doesn’t allow it to buy in bulk, the company will most likely not be able to negotiate a business relationship with a wholesaler based on higher volumes and lower prices.

Searching for Colorado wholesale suppliers

  • Use online searching resources

Regardless the purpose, the most popular research method today is the internet – and for a good reason. Wholesale suppliers can be found easily using the internet, via online trade directories, associations and wholesale directories.

  • Attend local business networking events (for example those organized by the Chamber of Commerce)

Take advantage of your presence in such events for asking around about the sources from which other businesses build their inventory; you may be lucky and find out useful information.

  • Contact brand manufacturers

Manufacturers typically work with wholesalers, so they may be able to provide you reference. Also, some brand manufacturers may be even interested in selling wholesale, if you are willing to buy in high volume, so give them a try and see what develops

  • Consult the Better Business Bureau

The BBB allows you to perform a background check on the wholesale suppliers from your list

Things to do before signing a contract with a wholesale supplier

Once you found a wholesaler, take the time to discuss and find out all relevant information: order processing time, return policies, discounts etc. Also, you must be prepared to negotiate and not just in terms of price but also in terms of minimum order quantities and delivery schedules. If you are inexperienced in this kind of business, make sure to have an attorney by your side, trained in negotiating and reviewing this kind of agreements.

How to avoid fake wholesale suppliers

You can get scammed in any business; service or retail business is no exception. Here are some things to consider that will help you avoid illegitimate wholesalers:

  • Make sure that your wholesaler sells wholesale and not directly to the general public
  • Do not accept to pay any fees, because this is not how reputable wholesalers make profit
  • Do not trust wholesalers that publish their prices publically, because this is not how things normally go; to obtain a list of prices for products that you are interested in, you should ask for a quote
  • Do not trust wholesalers who invest in a lot of advertising all over the media. Wholesale suppliers do not need such aggressive advertising, considering that this is not the best way for them to reach their customers, their business being driven by volumes

Keep the above aspects in mind and you will surely find suppliers you will be happy with.

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