Molecular Testing Labs and the Range of Services They Provide

Molecular Testing Labs and the Range of Services They Provide

molecular testing labs

The services provided by molecular testing labs are no longer out-of-reach expensive and they no longer belong to the realm of secrets and science-fiction. The companies that provide molecular (genetic) testing services have opened up genetic science for everyone – here are some of the services that you can turn to these companies for.


These services test the client’s genetic sample for finding out about the response given by the client’s body to various medicines. The advanced profiling methods now make it possible to predict the efficiency of specific therapeutic drugs used in the treatment of cancer and of other severe diseases, thus improving the chances to overcome these diseases.


These tests will screen the test subject to map all the drugs and medications taken previously in order to allow medical professionals to provide the best treatment option for the person’s current condition, without running the risk of having overlooked the effects of a drug taken in the past and without having to spend time accessing previous medical records.

Tests for Pregnant Women

Molecular testing has been widely used for identifying the risks of developing certain illnesses in the baby, especially if the mother-to-be is over a certain age. The screening has been used to determine illnesses already present in the foetus as well as for determining the best course of prophylaxis or treatment for the mother and the baby.

Establishing Ancestry

Perhaps this is the most widely known application of molecular testing. The method uses DNA samples to establish whether two people are related to each other.

Fitness and Diet

For a few years now, genetic testing has been used for predicting the effects of food and exercise as well. Our genetic material is unique to us not only in terms of the illnesses we are prone to, but also when it comes to the effects that the food we eat and the exercise we do have on our body. Molecular testing labs can now provide detailed genetic mapping with the aim of determining the most suitable diet and workout, allowing you to gain insight how your body works, what it likes and has negative effects on the way it works.

The tests performed in order to find the best diet and exercise configuration will reveal details about the way your body metabolizes important minerals, the way it absorbs vitamins as well as the way it responds to various types of physical exercise. The raw results of the test performed on your DNA sample will be evaluated by experts in genetics, exercise and dieting and will provide personalized recommendations about the exercises that you need to include into your workout and the foods you need to consume in order to achieve your fitness and health goals.

The services provided by molecular testing labs are now available for everyone, making it possible for each of us to find out the specific and unique features that make us what we are – special and unique beings, with unique responses to our circumstances.

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