Tips For Removing Pet Stains From Carpet With A Dry Powder

Tips For Removing Pet Stains From Carpet With A Dry Powder

Removing Pet Stains Cat Urine Dog Urine From Carpets

Although many people want a clean home that always looks beautiful, there are elements that do not always allow them to enjoy this. Such as pets, of course, who will play everywhere and, occasionally, urinate on indoor surfaces. Generally, pets can be trained in such a way as to prevent the appearance of urine stains in the house, but accidents happen, especially when the animals are still very young or, on the contrary, when they get older and experience health problems.

What do you do when you unexpectedly have to deal with stains on your favorite couch?

You may panic, get upset, put your hands on the cleaning solutions you have around the house and attempt to remove the urine from the stained surface or material. But if you think the problems are over, you are wrong, because the common cleaning products do not completely remove the stain, and the dog, which has a much more developed sense of smelling than humans, will be able to easily identify the area and urinate again, because it is in their natural instinct to do this.  Keep reading to find out how to remove cat urine from carpet for good.

What to do?

You will need to opt for another type of detergent, which contains enzymes. This type of cleaning solution completely removes stains of urine and eliminates the unpleasant odor. The problem is permanently solved because these cleaners not only mask, but by their bio-enzymatic composition (enzymes and bacteria that break down all the components of the urine, especially uric acid) completely and permanently eliminate the deposits of urine on various surfaces, including textiles in which urine can remain for a very long time and produce a specific lingering odor.

Urine has 3 major components: urea, urochrome and uric acid. Uric acid contains insoluble salt crystals and represents the biggest challenge in removing urine from surfaces and materials. The first two components can be eliminated with the help of conventional cleaning agents, but the uric acid, being extremely insoluble, remains well bonded to the surfaces. After an initial cleaning with classical agents, the problem may seem to be solved, however, only apparently. Any type of moisture will reactivate uric acid crystals and the smell will reappear, stronger than ever. For this reason, enzyme-based cleaning products are the only viable and definitive solution for eliminating urine deposits.

These products come in liquid or dry powder form – the latter being the best solution because they are suitable for both fresh and dry urine stains. Dry powder is simply spread on the fresh urine stain, without having to soak the area first. It will absorb all the liquid, while deep cleaning the area (enzymes break down the stain and feed on it). This simple application is as effective as possible for cleaning the stain, if the product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Dry powder can also be dissolved in warm water to obtain a liquid solution that can be sprayed on the already dried stains, to eliminate them completely.


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