Why Do Baseball Field Managers Use Organic Fertilizer?

Why Do Baseball Field Managers Use Organic Fertilizer?

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If you have an established lawn or you are planning to delimit an area in your yard for grass, you are surely aware of the importance of the fertilizer you choose for your lawn. The term “organic fertilizer” is something that you have surely seen wherever you looked for lawn fertilizing products, so here are some things to know about fertilizing your lawn with organic substances and why the option is the go-to choice for baseball and football field managers – professionals responsible for ensuring that the lawn on the field is of excellent quality even when exposed to heavy-duty usage and that the costs related to maintaining the lawn are kept to the minimum.

What Is, in Fact, Organic Fertilizer?

An organic grass fertilizer is either compost or a product derived from plant, animal or human waste and used for enriching the soil and for providing the nutrients needed by plants to thrive. The range of the types of waste used for making organic fertilizers is very wide, from the blood and bone of animals to the waste and manure coming from different animals, most typically poultry and to plant residues, such as grass clippings. Organic fertilizers are available in garden stores and a variety of retail stores, and they are usually quite inexpensive.

The Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers, offer numerous benefits over other types of fertilizers, and these apply to baseball fields too:

  • Safe for the environment and for the grass – organic fertilizers do not contain any artificial chemicals, therefore they are an environment-friendly solution. They are also safe for the grass – while synthetic fertilizers can burn plants if they are applied in a concentration that is too high, organic fertilizers need to be broken down by the soil first, which means that they provide grass with exactly the amount of nutrients it needs;
  • Improved soil quality – organic fertilizers contain fibers and other ingredients that absorb and retain water to release the moisture gradually, which means that organic fertilizers can reduce the watering needs of the turf. Organic grass food also promotes the activity of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that ensure the fertility of the soil, making any soil better for the grass that is planted in it;
  • Stronger, more resistant plants – having strong grass is especially important on a baseball field, where the grass is constantly exposed to heavy foot traffic, so the type of fertilizer that meets these requirements will surely work on your turf, too. Organic fertilizers are the choice of baseball field managers because the solution ensures that the grass leaves can resist all the running and jumping without sustaining major damage and because the grass treated with these products recovers very quickly, too. Stronger, more resistant leaves lead to less thatch, which also means that a lawn treated with an organic fertilizer requires less maintenance.
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