Should You Add a Few Portable Outdoor Speakers to Your Patio?

Should You Add a Few Portable Outdoor Speakers to Your Patio?

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Whether you just purchased a new home, or you want to spruce up the place by buying some patio furniture and making your outdoor locations around your house more hospitable, the idea of bringing your music out into the open might be a very tempting one. A lot of homeowners these days are considering installing outdoor amplifiers, radios and sound systems that will play their favorite songs and stations with ease. However, if you’re not too into electronics and wiring, you might want to consider a few alternatives.


One of the best of these alternatives are outdoor speakers designed especially for your patio. These speakers are made to connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, turn on without any access to electrical wiring and play your favorite music regardless of where you put them.


Consider the advantages of buying a few of these outdoor Bluetooth patio speakers:


  • The best thing about patio Bluetooth speakers is that they can be arranged in just about any layout you want. Some are equipped with easy to use clamps, hooks or fastening devices that will allow you to hang them up or attach them to various surfaces, so you won’t need to have them placed on a table or worry that your cat will jump on them and break them.
  • Some of them are designed to work as sets, and you can program them to complement each other like an actual, multi-speaker audio system. When you set them up in formation around your outdoor loveseat or chairs, you can relax with your spouse, with your family, or even on your own, and hear all your favorite songs in highly realistic quality.
  • There is no real limit when it comes to the design of these devices. Bluetooth speakers for patio use are made to last, and they can feature intricate or traditional designs that will make them look like decoration items, lamps or unique natural objects like tiny trees, flowers and anything else you can imagine. The ones that come with colorful LED lights and actually look like lamps are some of the best to place around your patio, since they can light your way at night and play your music during the day without any difficulty.


Purchasing outdoor speakers for your patio is a great practical choice as well, for multiple reasons. LED-enabled speakers will act as lamps, so you won’t need additional lights for your patio, which will save you a lot of money. Also, these speakers are portable, so whether you want to listen to music in the back yard while you’re having a barbecue, or to take them on a hiking trip with you, there won’t be any need to get a secondary sound system.


The price range for these speakers or speaker systems can vary between about $50 for the cheaper ones and $150+ for some of the more expensive and technologically advanced setups. Overall, considering all the advantages, you will find that installing a set of high quality outdoor Bluetooth speakers to your patio may be one of the most inspired choice you have made, both for convenient music listening and in terms of making your home look better.

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