What Is a Magic Mushroom Used for and What Are Its Advantages?

What Is a Magic Mushroom Used for and What Are Its Advantages?

advantages of magic mushroom spores

Magic mushrooms can be used for a variety of reasons. You might be feeling stressed out and wanting to just have a relaxed and uninhibited night of fun at home by taking a large enough dose to enjoy a psychedelic experience. Some people prefer to take lower doses with the intent of boosting happiness and creativity. Others hold the beliefs that the mushrooms can be used as keys to unlock higher states of consciousness.


Regardless of your intent, the fact is that psychedelic mushrooms are extremely versatile, and depending on your dosage and how you use them, your experience can range from psychedelic to remarkable mental and physical healing results in a relatively short time span.


Psychedelics and Happiness


When you take magic mushrooms, the main result that most people know about is the psychedelic or hallucinogenic one. Basically, you have hallucinations that aren’t very safe when you’re in public or you have to perform at your job. That is primarily why magic mushrooms are illegal in many places. However, these effects are ultimately temporary, and they can be controlled depending on the dosage.


What’s interesting is that, when you take only about 1/10 of a regular psychedelic dose, the result is much more mild and positive. People who do so usually experience an only slightly altered state of consciousness which still permit them to work and function as normal, remaining fully alert, not having any hallucinations, but feeling happier, thinking outside the box and even sometimes experiencing a heightened state of inner intuitive knowing.


According to the FDA, psychedelic mushrooms, if used correctly, could open up a new avenue of treatment for mental diseases. We’re talking OCD, ADHD and even depression – disorders that would normally require some serious medication in certain cases, but which could be treated more naturally using magic mushrooms.


Medical Studies and Their Results


Unsurprisingly, following their frequent use and the positive results that some people have claimed, scientists have taken an interest in magic mushroom spores and their potential use for various medical applications. One of them is the treatment of cancer.


The Journal of Psychopharmacology has recently published two studies which had to do with evaluating the use of magic mushrooms for the treatment of cancer. The studies showed that both the emotional and physical health of the participants were improved as a result of taking small doses of synthetic and natural psilocybin (the hallucinogenic compound contained in the mushrooms).


The most significant results, however, were those showing the improvement of patients suffering from anxiety and depression. Both in the cancer studies and in subsequent research, it was observed that even the smallest doses of psilocybin had a positive effect in 60% to 80% of study participants, many of them claiming after taking their new treatment that they hadn’t felt that good in a long time.


Despite public opinion being so negative in some places, magic mushrooms are enjoying an improving reputation in this day and age. With time, there are hopes that these remarkable gifts of nature can be put to good use treating some of the most prevalent disorders that humanity is facing.

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